Are you Anti-Valentine's Day? We have songs for that.

Oh, here it is. The often dreaded national Holiday, Valentines Day. Here at transRelic, we understand that this can be a depressing and dare I say, shitty day to have to wake up to. Though we hope that this is not the case for many of you, we realize, it very well may be. We have surely had more than our share of "fuck-this-bullshit-day" Valentine's days ourselves (I mean, have you heard our music?!). So in our expression of solidarity, we would like to offer you our discography at a Anti-consumerism price of "Pay what you want." Even for free, if you so choose. If your Valentines day is bitter-sweet, Cedar & Clove might be your speed. Our debut full length, "traces too deep to see," is chock full of anti-Valentines day anthems such as the heart-broken 1=Nothing and Her Name Be Solace, to the more "sick of this shit,"  tracks like Dying Will and Talking to Strangers. Or maybe you feel more of a longing like that in our Mazzy Star Tribute "declined." Hell, we even have angrier selections such as Maniquine and (We Are) Falling Stars. Whatever it is, we have been there too, and we are here to make this crappy day more bearable for you. So go name your own price, download the songs, and wave your middle finger in the air if you would like. We do understand! In the end, we do hope you have a great Anti-Valentines Day. If you are lucky, good for you, try to remember your friends that aren't so excited about today. We hope you all really do have a great day. Enjoy the music! 

Stark Morrison of transRelic

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