"if only... i could wish her alive" Now available on Spotify.

     For the first time ever, transRelic's Debut release, "if only... i could wish her alive," is available to stream on Spotify.We would like to ask your help in this matter. You see, in the world of Spotify, you must have 250 followers or they tend to think your music is like Meghan Trainor and Michael Jackson (artists that I am sure would get enough listens naturally without being shoved down your throat after every commercial break). I don't know about you, but it annoys the hell out of me when, for example, I am in an atmospheric black metal mood and the next suggested song is Taylor Swift. Something just doesn't add up there. Please follow us, and add us to your favorite playlists. We need your help to not be lumped in with severely unlike music. Thanks for following us, more news coming up soon.

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