New city, new year, the next phase.


transRelic is entering a new era of progress. We have a lot of things coming up in the near future. Our lead man, Stark Morrison, relocated to a new city, the gloomy, doomy, Seattle, Washington. As many of you are aware, with a change of surroundings and scenery often comes a change of perspective of the days to come. Being acceptance is a central focus of our message and the meaning of transRelic, we embrace these changes and look forward to what is to come with the band. Our plans for the near future include the release of the ambitious single, "Splinters." Though only containing 3 songs, the title track Splinters, a cover of  Slayer's song "Dead Skin Mask," and a limited, exclusive excerpt of the orchestrated elements of Splinters (Symphony for the Devil Mix) as a stand-alone work of art. 

We held nothing back on the production of Splinters employing longtime friend Andy "Androz" Fleebe, Head Audio Engineer of the prestigious Side 3 Studios in Denver, Colorado for the mixing of Splinters and Dead Skin Mask, with Ryan Main taking care of the mixing of Splinters (Symphony for the Devil Mix). We also employed Grammy Award winning Mastering engineer "Big Bass," Brian Garner for the final touches.

Along with this new release we would also like to make 2018 the year transRelic brings you more of what we are about. Expect more content from us this year. Within our immediate plans includes some acoustic renditions of songs, videos, and some insight of what the philosophy behind transRelic is. 

More immediately, we would like take the time to thank all of you that have been with us since the beginning. We would like every one of you to have every release we have done so far. Until the still undisclosed release date of Splinters, we are offering you all a "Name your own price," option for our entire discography so far. You can download "traces too deep to see," "if only... i could wish her alive," and "declined.," for whatever price you decide. (Including $0.00!) Go to our lable InvertedEarth Records and take advantage of this opportunity today. We just want you to have our discography for your continued support. So go get them all now while you can and we look forward to 2018 with you all. 

Stark Morrison of transRelic

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