To all our new Fans and Friends, An Introduction into our world...

2015 is going very fast so far. We are glad to say, if all things go as planned, you are going to be seeing some new material coming your way by the end of the year. We are excited to see that our number of followers have been growing quite steadily. Thanks to all of you, we have been able to grow this all very organically, which is exactly the approach we wanted to take. All of you following us now have found us on your own, one way or the other and I am glad to say I can feel the excitement building for what is to come in the new chapter of transRelic. We are also very proud of the fact that we have had response from around the world; Russia, Holland, South Korea, England, India and all across the United States to name a few. Namely Russia, who is nearing the numbers of our followers in the United States! (Who would of thought?!) So we would like to send a big salute to our Russian brothers, keep spreading the word! 

We wanted to take the chance invite all of our new followers on Facebook and Twitter to download our debut release, "if only... i could wish her alive," for free. Just put your name on the the list, confirm, and we will send you the download straight to your email, automatically. We are telling you this now because in the next few months this release will no longer be available for free. With your name on the list you will also have the chance to know about everything in the transRelic world first, even before our Facebook and Twitter followers. So once again, thank you for your support and stay in tune for what is to come in the following months.

Together we are never alone,
Stark Morrison of transRelic

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