Your Plans this Weekend Are...

It has been a very busy and productive week in the transRelic camp, and it looks like we will be running well into next week too. Rehearsals early this week went very well. We are geared up for the show this Saturday, September 20th. Get your pre sale tickets now and we even threw in an instant download of traces too deep to see with your purchase. This is our second time in Fort Worth and we look forward to seeing you at Tomcats West. Doors are 7pm, so be there early.
The very next day, Sunday, September 21st, we will be attending the "Dreams of the Damned, Surrealist Ball," for the Premier of Director Kurtz Frausun's new movie, "Words of the Damned." Both the trailer and the movie feature transRelic tracks and we are very excited to see the final product. Check out the trailer below, and come see it in entirety with us. 

On the subject of Kurtz Frausun, Kurtz and transRelic are quickly approaching day 3 of filming for a music video that will be released soon. We are not going to give away much, however, it is a cover song, and it was originally by an artist you may not expect us to cover. We will release this exclusively for our Mailing List members to view first. As you can see from the clip above, Kurtz's direction will give a very fitting aesthetic to compliment transRelic's moody musical environment. 

We look forward to seeing you all this weekend. 

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