Pre-Order of "declined." starts today.

We are pleased to announce that Pre-orders of "declined. A tribute to Into Dust by Mazzy Star," has begun today. If you missed our mailing list members only free download, do not despair, now is the time you can get…Read more

Free download tomorrow.

Starting tomorrow, for two weeks only, you can download a very special project of ours for free. There is only one way to get it, and to do so, you must sign up here. Aren't you curious what it…Read more

declined. Hint 6.

The exclusive preview starts on Monday next week. You only have today and tomorrow to get in on it. Make sure you sign up now so you don't miss it. Below is what declined. will contain.

Exclusive online access to…Read more

declined. Hint 5

The song we covered re-charted 17 years after release when it was included in a trailer for a first person shooter game. We imagine it was used for its dark, eerie, melancholy calm. This was the reason we decided to…Read more

declined. Hint 4

The album that contains the original version of the song off our upcoming release was written solely by two members, besides one song. That single song was written originally by Arthur Lee. Anyone have a guess? Find out for sure…Read more

declined. Hint 3

The original version of the song we covered for this upcoming release came out originally in 1993. The original song had very sparse instrumentation, which included only female vocals, an acoustic guitar, and cello. Only 5 days left to get…Read more

declined. Hint 2

The new transRelic release contains two versions of a song by another artist. It also contains a video for one version of the song. The video will not be viewable anywhere unless you are signed up as a member of…Read more

declined. Hint 1

The upcoming release contains a cover. In fact, it contains two versions of a cover. This cover may not be what you would expect a band like transRelic to do. You must be signed up for transRelic's mailing list to…Read more

Update for "declined." release.

Starting Monday March 14th 2016, transRelic "declined." will be up for a free online preview of the release in full. Here is the catch, this release will not be available in its entirety unless you are signed up for our…Read more