What happens when the lead man of a Metal Band writes the theme music for a Children's story Character?! The results may not be what you expect!

2017 has been a very busy time here in the world of transRelic. Stark Morrison and Justin Bannister have spent all year in the studio recording not one, but two additions to the transRelic discography. The three-song, but still very ambitious single, "Splinters," is merely awaiting the final step of creating the album artwork, and the follow-up EP, "Demons," is only lacking vocal takes and it will be heading swiftly into post-production. You would think that our lead-man Stark Morrison would be ready to kick up his heels and await the final product to fall into his lap. On the contrary, Mr. Morrison is not sitting on the sidelines at this time. We are glad to announce to you all, our most loyal fans, that Stark has unveiled a new solo music site for your listening pleasure. The new site contains music from multiple projects that Morrison has been involved in (Echelon High, transRelic, and Frausun); however, this new site also features all new music written by Stark that falls outside of the realm of the transRelic theme and soundscape. 


The site focuses on showcasing music with a more broad scope of influences that he loves, and also features select placements of his work featured in other mediums (Film, Television, Video Games, etc.). That, in turn, leads us to the point of this email. What happens when our brooding and distressed lead-man gets asked to write the theme song for a character of a children's book?! Yes, you read that right,... a children's book! The result may not be what you expect! 


Randall I. Pinchweasel is the self-proclaimed, "Master Poet of Woe," and proves to be a most reclusive and crotchety man that loves nothing more than writing poetry of his maybe-not-always-so-epic-adventures. Though the release of the book is uncertain at this moment, He definitely has a few things to say on his YouTube Channel. 

Stark's new web page will be updated regularly with new music and demos of songs he is currently working on and any placements that he receives in other media. Eventually, you may even want to look out for solo releases in the future. 

Keep a look out for "Splinters," scheduled for release in 2018. 

Brandi Lunoir 

transRelic Manager

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